For individuals

We provide tailored, individual or team-based coaching programs that capitalise on your strengths, whilst concurrently identifying and overcoming the patterns that are currently holding your performance back.

For teams

Working with your leaders and managers to identify team-goals, we then lead the team members through skill acquisition and consolidation in order to facilitate autonomous enhanced progress towards the goals.

Examples of programs

  • CrossFit ‘State of Mind’ coaching
  • Boldness in rock climbing through the harnessing of fear
  • Focus, attention and stress regulation in the aviation and air traffic control environment

Technologies used

We regularly integrate technologies into our coaching, to enhance the monitoring and training of psychological and physiological states. These include:


  • Tools that measure breathing patterns to monitor and assess physiological arousal and regulation
  • Tools that track focus and concentration levels
  • Tools that monitor cognitive performance
  • Tools that track brain waves enabling immersion into training of mindfulness states

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